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Retailers add free WiFi: Is this a big deal anymore?

Today’s RetailWire discussion focused on the number of retailers (Target, JCP, others) rolling out free WiFi in their stores. Most panelists don’t see this as a game-changer any more, compared to “early adapters” like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Here’s my point of view:

I agree with my fellow panelists: It’s a clear incentive to stay at a hotel where wifi is free, instead of another hotel with excessive charges, because the guest assumes plenty of usage during an overnight (or longer) stay. On the other hand, a shopper may spend 30 minutes at JCP, Target or wherever with a clear purchase mission in mind.

Offering wifi becomes a “nice to have” benefit but hardly something that is going to affect purchase behavior. On the other hand, using an app like Shopkick to engage the consumer with a smartphone when she is already in your store is becoming an essential tactic.


The Shopkick app: A way to combat showrooming?

Here’s a brief comment from a recent RetailWire discussion about Shopkick. This is a mobile app that encourages store visits with targeted offers. My thoughts:

For all the hand-wringing about showrooming, this is a perfect example of how to turn location-based smartphone technology to a retailer’s advantage. It’s noteworthy that Best Buy and Target (two of the biggest complainers about showrooming) are on board with Shopkick, along with Macy’s and other major retailers.

Shopkick’s challenge is to deal with the likely proliferation of competing apps aligned with other stores — it doesn’t need to turn into another Groupon.