Are retail managers evaluated the right way?

I’m no HR expert, but I enjoyed being part of this RetailWire discussion about whether retailers are updating their “annual review” methodology fast enough:

Like it or not, retail is a business of measurables as well as intangibles…at least for line managers (merchants or store managers) responsible for things like sales, gross margin, turnover, shortage and store expenses. So it’s important to hold people accountable for those metrics for which they’re responsible. If you don’t like the idea of a report card (even looking at daily sales) you are in the wrong business.

The problem is that the system seems unchanged at least since I started getting performance reviews in the late 1970’s and surely predating that. The intangibles (like ability to collaborate with a team, to train others , to work effectively with vendors) ought to be given more weight and should be evaluated much more often than once a year. This kind of frequent feedback will prevent the year-end review from becoming a surprise and will also have a positive effect on the metrics.


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