An Apple store inside Macy’s?

Catching up a bit by posting a September RetailWire comment about an Apple location inside Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan:

Part of Macy’s problem is its Herald Square-centric approach to the business, and this is another example. The flagship store in Manhattan has always been a showplace for new shop concepts and brand features, especially because it’s an easy place to show off to those members of the investment community who don’t do channel checks around the country.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of Macy’s stores across the country — not just the 100 likely to be shuttered next year — that are in desperate need for capital investment and revamped merchandise assortments. Not long ago, I visited the Macy’s store at the University Town Center in La Jolla — and even though a brand-new Nordstrom store is being built next door, this Macy’s store hasn’t had a facelift (paint, tile, carpeting, lighting) in a long time.

So is a partnership between Apple and Macy’s a good idea? Sure, but it can’t mask the long list of issues that Macy’s management needs to address nationwide.


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