American Girl and Lands’ End: Did they make the right call?

American Girl recently announced its expansion into Toys “R” Us stores, while Lands’ End plans to sell its product on Amazon. These are two very different kinds of products — and distribution decisions. My comments (from RetailWire) suggest that I agree with one of the decisions but not the other….because more distribution is not always better.

First, regarding American Girl:

Yes, Toys “R” Us is the biggest big-box toy chain by far (not counting the huge sales at Walmart and Target) so it’s a tempting decision for American Girl. But I think it cheapens a premium brand, and there may have been other ways to drive broader distribution (and more sales). For example, wouldn’t a traditional department store like Macy’s be a suitable home for American Girl shop concepts?

Next, about Lands’ End:

By 2017, Amazon may outpace Walmart as the biggest seller of apparel in the U.S. It’s hard to argue with its legitimacy and power if you’re a label trying to rebuild your volume base, not just your brand equity. Remember, Lands’ End was tarnished by its years-long association with Sears (including its shops within Sears store), so it’s not nowhere to go but up.


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