Target’s Marimekko promo in the rearview mirror

Here’s a RetailWire post from awhile ago, before Target kicked off its spring limited-edition promotion of Marimekko-designed apparel and home goods. This turned out to be less successful than some of the others (Missoni, for example). Have customers gotten burned by the chronic outages of these promotions, or did they simply not like the product? Here are some early thoughts — keeping in mind that it didn’t sell out quickly:

I’ll use Target as an example of a store more committed to the occasional “wow” experience than everyday blocking and tackling. The upcoming Marimekko is bound to draw traffic to Target stores and the website, and to sell out quickly. But the company has been plagued by stock-outs for many years, and finally is in a position to address its supply chain problems with the hiring of an Amazon executive.

Yes, sometimes loyalty needs the “wow” factor, or a strong value proposition. But it more often takes consistent execution to move a customer from merely “satisfied” to committed. Just ask Amazon how good execution has worked to grow its Prime membership.


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