Cacique: The Anti-Victoria’s Secret?

RetailWire panelists recently discussed the new Lane Bryant campaign for its Cacique intimates brand, which pokes some fun at the “unattainable” body image of the typical Victoria’s Secret model. Here’s my opinion about how well this campaign works to target a plus-sized customer for intimate apparel:

Victoria’s Secret has for many years capitalized on what some might consider “idealized” rather than realistic body types. (I know I’m treading on sensitive ground here.) And they have built up an enviable brand position as a result. Over the last few years, Cacique (and to a lesser extent Soma) have tried niche-building around an older or plus-sized customer who doesn’t want what VS is selling — either the merchandise or the brand position.

Whether the “I’m No Angel” campaign will drive Cacique’s sales is hard to say, but I’d rate it as a success in terms of brand positioning. Lane Bryant should be applauded for recognizing that its core customer is just as entitled to be comfortable “in her own skin” as a Victoria’s Secret model.


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