The Apple Watch: The next big idea, or a misfire?

It’s never too early for the “experts” (like those of us on the RetailWire Braintrust panel) to weigh in on the latest development from Apple. This time, it’s the introduction of the Apple Watch, which has been greeted with more than the usual skepticism. Here’s my more measured opinion:

I’m not sure Apple has hit a home run yet — the price point is a concern — but there have been doubters before: “Who needs an iPad (and that awful name!) when you already own a laptop and a smartphone?” In that case, Apple created a demand for a product that people didn’t know they needed, in Steve Jobs’s words.

Can they do the same with the Apple Watch? Time will tell (sorry), but the initial pricing for even the simplest versions will make even the early adapters think twice about the purchase. And Apple has a well-known history of adding features (and lowering prices) on subsequent models; it sounds like longer battery life would be the first place to look for improvement.


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