More on “Black Thursday”

I published the following comment on RetailWire a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. In hindsight, it’s apparent that early openings only cannibalize Friday sales. (More on a later post.) My point of view:

The relevance of earlier (and earlier) openings will fade as more stores provide ways for shoppers to “buy online, pick up in store” in the future. (Not to mention, the continued growth of e-commerce and m-commerce to begin with.) But, for now, the stores racing to beat the clock are just gearing up their BOPIS efforts. As long as there is peer pressure to open earlier and earlier, we will inevitably see stores open all day on Thanksgiving in the near future.

The stores choosing to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day are making a more vocal effort this year to align their decision with their brand. Costco has always led the way, since they also close on several Federal holidays throughout the year, but it’s significant that stores across the retail spectrum — from Dillards and Nordstrom to TJX to big-box stores — are keeping them company.


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