The Apple watch: Potential hit or miss?

Apple’s recent introduction of new iPhone models was also full of news about their new payment system and the spring 2015 launch of the Apple Watch. There were plenty of skeptics in the business press, but Apple at its best has created new demand (often out of thin air) by being a “smart second.” Here’s a recent comment I posted at RetailWire:

Most of the skepticism about the Apple Watch comes from those who were also doubters about the original iPad launch. If you’ll recall, many critics thought that the tablet business was superfluous, being positioned between a smartphone and a laptop in terms of size and functionality. But history has proven the tablet (and the iPad in particular) to be a PC-killer.

It’s too early to tell whether the Apple Watch will have the same kind of impact, but it’s far too early to write it off as a niche product. Apple does have a track record for creating demand for categories where the “first to market” didn’t always get it right. And it also has a pattern of starting high on its pricing (for early adapters)…I don’t expect the Apple Watch to cost $349 by the time I might be ready to buy one.


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