How does Nordstrom make “omnichannel” work?

Like many other retailers, Nordstrom is trying to figure out how to use “omnichannel” tactics to help drive its brick-and-mortar trend. I comment on a recent RetailWire discussion (below), and I point out that Nordstrom’s particular brand position makes this a challenge:

Many stores are defining “omnichannel” as a way to link stores and e-commerce more effectively, especially in terms of fulfillment of web orders. (Kohl’s announced yesterday that it is speeding up its efforts to fill orders from its physical locations…where Macy’s and Nordstrom have a head start in this area.) Nordstrom has a particular challenge using “omnichannel” for more than just better logistics management, as a company known for “high-touch” customer service and location-based merchandising. These kinds of mobile tools can only go so far with a brand that depends heavily on individual engagement.


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