Target gives Beyonce the cold shoulder

Most RetailWire panelists agreed with me that Target’s decision not to carry the new Beyonce album (do people still call them albums?) is not a good one, no matter what kind of message the store is trying to send. (As you probably know, Beyonce’s new release came out “under the radar” on iTunes only, and immediately became a best-seller.) Here’s my opinion:

If you’re in the business of selling pop music on CD’s, is it smart to abandon the hottest new release on the market two weeks before Christmas? I’m not so sure that Target is doing itself any favors besides the point that it’s trying to make. Driving sales of wanted merchandise ought to be job #1.

The unintended consequence is that iTunes and other digital sources of music will keep gaining share at the expense of brick-and-mortar stores dependent on a few “exclusive tracks” to sustain an outmoded technology.


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