JCP, meet Joe Fresh

From a recent RetailWire discussion: JCP announced a collaboration with the Canada-based brand Joe Fresh. The shop installation will give JCP a bigger and potentially more successful footprint in the “fast fashion” world than Mango/MNG has provided so far. Here’s my reaction:

There has been plenty to criticize about the JCP “reinvention” but the Joe Fresh partnership can be a win. It does feel like the Topshop/Nordstrom partnership on a bigger scale.

But, as with everything related to JCP these days, there are some unanswered questions about execution:

1. How much market share will JCP continue to bleed before the “reinvention” is in place?
2. The process is unfolding at a snail’s pace, with the changes in place by the end of 2015…can JCP move any faster?
3. The announced shops are skewing “young” so far…will the holistic effect of the “new” JCP provide anything that appeals to its core consumer?

One more caution: Don’t be surprised to see other collaborations (Uniqlo shops inside Macy’s as a “hypothetical”) that can be executed at a faster rate of speed.


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