Pharmacy inside a dollar store: Good idea or misguided?

A brief comment (from RetailWire) about the news that Dollar Tree is testing an in-store pharmacy in its “Deals” store format. I’m a skeptic:

Dollar stores may be hamstrung by space and expense limitations preventing them from putting full-blown pharmacies into many of their stores. More importantly, there may be an image problem associated with dollar stores — the “lowest common denominator” brand position may be out of sync with customer expectations. (Target, Walmart and Costco don’t have the same problem.) Maybe Dollar Tree can make this work in its “Deals” format, but I’m a skeptic.


1 Response to “Pharmacy inside a dollar store: Good idea or misguided?”

  1. 1 Daren Simken May 1, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    I have actually shopped the store since it opened and switched all of my prescriptions to the pharmacy a month ago.

    The pharmacy people are really friendly and know their stuff.

    The bargains at the Deals store are great and in many cases the exact same product that Walgreens sells for a lot more right across the street.

    I’m a believer

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