Can retailers learn from a winning sports team?

OK, the following RetailWire post was written before Green Bay lost to the Giants yesterday. But the point is the same: An organization with a “culture of winning” (such as the Packers in this example) has something to teach businesses and esepcially retailers. Here’s my opinion:

Here’s a topic dear to my heart. (Go, Pack, Go!) Frankly, some of the “culture of winning” in Green Bay comes from its history and tradition, and it’s not necessarily something easy to replicate. In fact, the Packers went through a long dry spell (about 20 years) during which the “culture of winning” was absent. So any organization trying to capture this attitude (or recapture it) can’t just rely on past glories.

One of the unspoken keys to the Packers’ organizational strength right now is the sense of “ownership” (both real and intangible) by all of the stakeholders — fans, players, team leaders, the community. The Packers have a unique business model as a publicly owned team with thousands of shareholders, but it’s an attitude that many other organizations — retail or otherwise — should aspire to. In short, make sure that your executives, hourly associates, customers, vendors and other stakeholders are literally or figuratively “invested” in the success of the business.


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