IKEA tests a “man-cave”

RetailWire panelists recently talked about a new concept being tested in some IKEA stores: A “men’s lounge” complete with TV’s and other diversions, to be used while the female partner wanders the store. The idea has plenty of “legs,” in my opinion:

This is an idea that would work not only in other IKEA stores but in all sorts of retail settings. In fact, the traditional regional mall typically has a female-centric tenant mix and could use a similar idea. Just providing a seating area (as many malls do) is a courtesy but not an incentive to extend the shopping trip. Let’s see if an enterprising mall developer follows suit.


1 Response to “IKEA tests a “man-cave””

  1. 1 Justin Gorzitza December 14, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    southcentre mall in calgary ab, has a sports zone with a large seating area and big screen tv’s also a sports ticker, it is well utilized

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