A&F, what’s the situation?

Abercrombie and Fitch garnered lots of publicity when they asked the cast of “Jersey Shore” to stop wearing their clothes. Is this a case of protecting brand image or simply headline-grabbing? Here’s my opinion from RetailWire:

It’s hard to know whether this is a publicity stunt on the part of A&F or an attempt to protect its brand image. If it’s the latter, the unintended irony is rich. A&F long ago gave up its original “country club” brand association and invented a new apparel genre: “sleazy prep.” This is the store that has successfully sold sex as part of the brand image, through its catalogs and its continued use of bare-chested sales associates. Maybe A&F feels the Jersey Shore image is more compatible with Hollister, or maybe it’s time to invent a new store concept!



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