Debenhams, meet Sears?

Another Sears “strategy sighting” discussed on RetailWire. (Part of a long list, from leasing space to Forever 21 to opening laundromats.) Today’s topic: The British chain Debenhams possibly leasing space within Sears stores in the U.S. in order to expand its franchising footprint. My opinion:

The “store-within-a-store” concept makes sense for the franchising retailer, provided that there is compatibility between the parent brand and the leased space. (Debenhams has a long track record of successful franchising in order to build its reach.) I’m not convinced in this case about the marriage between Debenhams and Sears, however, unless Debenhams plans to carve out completely separate space. To operate a shop within Sears is asking for trouble, given Sears’ proven troubles attracting softlines customers. And Debenhams focuses on popular-to-moderate price points, with design and trend incompatible with a lot of Sears’ content. Just one more illustration that Sears is grasping for straws — trying to leverage its real estate portfolio without developing its own relevant merchandising strategy.


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