Did marketers just rediscover Baby Boomers?

A fascinating recent discussion on RetailWire about marketing to Baby Boomers. It’s becoming apparent that the media and advertising communities’ love affair with everything “young” is starting to be tempered by the sheer size and spending power of Baby Boomers. Here’s my point of view:

I don’t think that “youth positioning” is a mistake per se, if it helps a brand become more aspirational to a broader audience or if it is clearly targeted to the 25-49 age group. However, it’s no secret that Baby Boomers continue to be the largest and highest-spending demographic out there. We haven’t been ignored in terms of CPG product development or retail formats, but marketing to this audience has been strangely quiet outside of niche products and programming. We’ll see whether the changes described in the article are a passing fad or a long-term trend driven by pure economic interest on the part of advertisers.



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