Customer service: An unconventional “top ten” list

As part of an ongoing discussion of what defines “customer service” in today’s new world of retail concepts, RetailWire panelists weighed in on the latest survey where (among other things) Amazon topped the list. (And there wasn’t a single traditional department store in the Top Ten.) My point of view:

As many panelists have pointed out (today and on other discussions), “service” is really being redefined as “good execution.” In the case of most of the retailers on the Top 10 list, the issue isn’t whether they offer “high-touch” contact by a sales associate (like a traditional department store) but whether they execute their mission well. Does the store do a good job staying in stock? Does it operate the “front of the store” effectively? (In the case of Amazon…a virtual storefront.) Does it make the return process relatively hassle-free? Most of the stores on the list meet these expectations–and offer value. I’d question Walgreens from my own experience but in their case the convenience factor is a key element of the customer experience.


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