Kindle: With or without advertising?

Interesting discussion at RetailWire about Amazon’s latest idea to get the Kindle into more hands: A $114 version that includes advertising (on the screen savers, etc.) I’m in favor as long as the consumer has a choice, as with a “free” vs. paid app:

Reading a book may be the only form of entertainment left beyond the reach of advertising — at least in its dead-tree form. So the e-book reader needs to make a choice: Save $25 and deal with (hopefully unobtrusive) sponsorship, or spend more for the ad-free $139 Kindle with WiFi? Personally I think this is a good way for Amazon to continue driving the price of the Kindle down and capture more market share vs. other e-readers and tablets. (Not to mention driving more e-book purchases to its own site.) The key is to present sponsors’ ads in a way that doesn’t disrupt the immersive experience of bookreading.


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