Is “multi-channel” a thing of the past?

From a discussion on RetailWire about whether the terminology “multi-channel” is becoming outmoded as retailers evolve from bricks-and-mortar to e-commerce to new platforms. My position…it’s the thought process that matters, not the terminology:

It’s just a matter of semantics whether “multi-channel” is an outmoded term or not, and frankly irrelevant to the real issue. The most important questions that retailers need to address if they are dealing with multiple business platforms include: The efficiency of both e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar stores (if they operate both); making sure that the marketing approach is seamless between all channels; and, getting ahead of emerging technologies (smartphones, Facebook, etc.) instead of playing catch-up. Effective “multi-channel” retailing isn’t just about playing in different arenas, but having a winning and consistent strategy for all of them.


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