Sears finally hires a new “CEO”

I put “CEO” in quotes based on my recent RetailWire comments (below). I’m skeptical that anybody but Ed Lampert is really running the show:

The hiring of a new CEO at Sears is another signal that Ed Lampert is not committed to a long-term merchandising strategy at the company. (You can make a case that this has been true since the Kmart/Sears transaction in 2004.) There have been some tweaks around the edges (layaway as a successful promotional tool, development of a few exclusive brands) but nothing that has changed Sears Holdings’ position as an also-ran in almost every category you can name.
If Mr Lampert’s only real goal is to maximize his company’s real estate and brand equity as quickly as possible, the talk of a digital strategy is a smokescreen. The reality is that Sears Holdings is saddled with a very troubled bricks-and-mortar footprint with no credible game plan to reverse its fortunes. And anyone who thinks the new CEO will be an independent voice hasn’t been paying attention.


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