The Beatles and iTunes: A long-overdue partnership

Count me as a Beatles enthusiast in my comments on today’s RetailWire panel discussion…but I hope I bring some reason to the discussion too:

I think this is a huge win for both Apples involved in the agreement. Let’s face it: iTunes has no serious competition in the market for digital music delivery, and the iPod/iPhone is the standard MP3 player on the market. The Beatles’ catalogue was a huge void in the iTunes assortment that has now been addressed. Beatles fans (count me in) have downloaded tracks from “Beatles One” or the “White Album” onto our iPods a long time ago, but this gives us a huge opportunity to pick and choose individual songs to add to our libraries without investing in entire albums. (And a nice margin opportunity for Apple, too.) So while Amazon can easily undercut Apple on the prices of entire CD’s, there is no quick substitute for the ease and convenience of digital delivery of single tracks. To Apple, I say…yeah, yeah, yeah!

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