Another experiment from Sears: Food retailing

From a recent RetailWire post, commenting on a test by Sears to get into the online food retailing business. My point is that Sears Holdings appears clueless about how to turn around their core business while continuing to experiment with distractions like this:

Ryan Matthews’s description (“flailing around”) sums it up accurately. It seems that RetailWire panelists get an opportunity every other week to comment on Sears’ latest venture outside its core compentency…the most recent being a laundromat attached to a Kmart store. It’s one thing to think outside the box and come up with new concepts to drive productivity, but it’s another thing entirely to take on a business like food retail and delivery, which is completely unrelated to Sears’ core business. This idea would make a lot more sense for Walmart, with its scale in the grocery business as well as its mastery of logistics.


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