A new concept from Sports Authority

Sports Authority is developing a new concept called “S.A. Elite,” offering a more focused selection of branded sport apparel in a smaller footprint. I have mixed feelings about the idea, as I noted on RetailWire recently:

Interesting idea to present a more focused selection in a smaller footprint, and this allows Sports Authority to develop sites in locations (malls, lifestyle centers) unable to take on a full-size store. It’s unclear, however, how the “S.A. Elite” name communicates the concept effectively. The smaller prototype seems to be geared toward a narrow selection of branded sport apparel, without the breadth of “hardlines” carried in a full-line store. Does “Elite” really put this idea across, and does it potentially turn off the customers that SA would like to attract?


1 Response to “A new concept from Sports Authority”

  1. 1 l.d.philips June 11, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    I feel like they are simply trying to stay afloat now that Dick’s Sporting Goods is pushing them around a bit. They are being quite reactive in their advertising and really thinking outside the box by bringing in M. Strahan to be their spokes person. Given their relative standard assortment of apparel, it seems odd that they would create a store around that concept.

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