How can retailers cater to Baby Boomers?

Interesting recent discussion at RetailWire about the failure of many apparel chains to appeal to Baby Boomers, despite the size and spending power of this market segment. The shopping experience may be a big issue, but in my view it usually comes down to merchandise content:

Apparel chains do seem to be putting more emphasis into customer service, in-store “personal shoppers” and better training as post-recession strategies to drive loyalty. (This may not be the case in big-box stores.) But the “average” consumer was most recently measured at size 14, which was considered a “plus size” once upon a time. No doubt that the aging population and other lifestyle changes have led to this change, but it’s not reflected in the typical size range found in most department and apparel specialty stores.

No wonder that Baby Boomers are frustrated with the merchandise content they find in the mall: It’s designed for a consumer size range that doesn’t reflect reality, and it tends to chase a younger “psychographic” mentality as well.


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