Not easy being “green”

RetailWire panelists had a chance this week to weigh in about “green” apparel and what’s holding it back from mass-market success. I think it’s premature to write off the trend:

Eco-friendly fashions have every chance of being successful sooner rather than later if they focus on style and value (not necessarily opening price) instead of using “green” as the driving force. There is plenty of opportunity for organic cotton and natural fibers like bamboo in the marketplace, but mainstream consumers seem unwilling to pay an excessive premium for them. To tie back to yesterday’s discussion about Macy’s (and its “open call” for new vendors and designers), this would be an ideal opportunity to get a midtier retailer in partnership with a “green” supplier committed to put trend and value first.


1 Response to “Not easy being “green””

  1. 1 Patricia Ordonez April 17, 2010 at 1:13 am

    As an Eco-fashion designer, I think its wonderful that Macy’s is supporting the green movement. I think that one cost effective, Eco-friendly idea to consider is Upcycling. I had the opportunity to showcase some of my ideas at Macy’s open-call,including my MADE FROM MY EXS JEANS tote bags.There are so many things that can be made with the excess, unsold, or damaged clothing items, which might otherwise go to waste. That is the whole idea behind my Upcycling company,and I hope Macy’s agrees and by supporting the ever increasingly popular Green Movement as a whole, and PattyO Designs specifically, Macy’s popularity will also increase, which helps sales, while not having to invest in expensive fabrics, which, obviously is the only reason major retailers have been hesitant to showcase so many talented Eco-friendly fashion designers. Upcycling, I believe, is a sustainable,Eco-friendly, cost effective answer.

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