Can Linens n’ Things Survive as a Pure E-commerce Site?

Note that most Retail Wire panelists disagreed with me about Linens n’ Things and felt their new strategy (website only) is viable. Here’s my take:

It’s going to be tough for LNT to overcome the perception that they are “out of business,” prompted by the reality of store closings all over the country as well as the related publicity. A web-only business has a shot, but there are some obstacles to consider: Does LNT have the financing to support the depth of inventory needed for a SKU-intensive business? Does it have the marketing muscle to overcome perceptions that it is a dead company, and to drive searches? Are its multi-channel competitors (Bed Bath & Beyond and others) now in a stronger position online? LNT doesn’t have an impossible task (unlike the Morris family trying to rebuild the Mervyns brand) but has some major challenges to make its online revival work.

1 Response to “Can Linens n’ Things Survive as a Pure E-commerce Site?”

  1. 1 Heather May 3, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    I have to agree with you–I received a “WELCOME TO LNT online” in my email box after having been a previous customer that watched the clearances and mass closings and thought the “WELCOME” email was a scheme or some sort of phishing attempt. This prompted me to type in LNT reorganization and found this thread. If they truly wanted to do this then they should never have shut down the previous site or at least made it very clear that the site COULD be coming back. I believe they did themselves a great dis-service and from a marketing perspective–I have a feeling most will just hit rather than research it’s validity

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